Favorite characters

My favorite characters are Taffyta, Professor z, Francesco, Disgust, Violet, Mallock, Mackenzie, and Elena                                                                                                                .

My favorite places I want to travel to.

My favorite travel places are Hawaii, Germany, port costa Italy, Japan, Norway, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Egypt, and China.

All about Taffyta

Taffyta is a lollipop- licken racer who always gets in second place. She loves her fans and loves 2nd place and follows what ever king candy tells her. She hates vanelope and her kart, but she is a crybaby sometimes.  She wears all pink.                                                    .

Computer Games for Kids

Hey parents and kids! These games are kid friendly. I only have 2 games Schoolhouse rush and Mushroom commando. School house rush is for boys and Mushroom commando is for girls.