Sparkletina, the Tooth Fairy – Part 2


That was close.  It was 6:15 AM on a Friday morning, and I had suddenly woken up with the realization that the tooth fairy had forgotten to visit Joy.  Over the past week, Joy had been yanking mercilessly at her front tooth until finally, our next door neighbor, yet again, did us all a huge favor and yanked it out for her.  Sometimes, I wonder if she is the only child who is this proactive about having a tooth removed.  Of course, let’s not forget, her primary motivation is the fact that she continues to confuse the Tooth Fairy with Santa.  If you don’t already know why, I suggest you go here and read my first post on this topic.  I tried to delay it.  I tried to convince her that the tooth was weeks, maybe months away from coming out.  After all, I had a looming project deadline, and this was simply not a good week for her to be losing a tooth.


Oh,  this week is not good for you?  TOO BAD.

So it came as no surprise to me that in my stress, I forgot about the tooth.  But before I get to that, let me back up a little bit.  Two weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to spend a weekend away at the beach for a women’s retreat.  This, of course, meant leaving my husband at home alone with 3 little girls for 2 whole days.  ‘Nuff said.  When I returned home, I felt refreshed and spiritually invigorated.  That is, until I discovered that the kids had raided my office/craft area.  I’m talking sharpies of every color scattered everywhere, uncapped, of course.  Every single piece of paper that I had left sitting out now had some sort of stick figure drawn on it.  Worst of all, somebody found my stash of Sparkletina chocolate coins and ate them all.  Seriously, if you don’t know what the chocolate coins are about, go back and read part 1 of Sparkletina, the Tooth Fairy.

It didn’t take much detective work to realize that the culprits were my two oldest children.  No one would admit to the crime, of course.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that if the two of them should ever one day end up on trial for a crime, they would have no problem selling each other out in order to avoid a harsher sentence, for they were very quick to throw each other under the bus.


Ironically, I found myself lecturing them about the importance of telling the truth – that is, the truth about a few stolen chocolate coins that I, in fact, use to perpetuate a lie.  They did not hesitate to call me out on it.


 Grrr!  Why can’t they mess up Daddy’s things for once?!


Fast forward to 6:15 AM Friday morning.  In a panic, with only 10 minutes to spare before it was time to get them up for school, I scrawled out a letter from Sparkletina.  Did I have any chocolate coins to put under the pillow?  HECK NO.  Because they ate them all!!  So quick thinking, I turned the whole debacle into a learning lesson.  Under Joy’s pillow went 4 quarters and the following note:



Dearest Joy,

Oh my, you certainly are losing a lot of teeth these days!  Here are 4 coins.  I’m sorry they are not chocolate.  Toothetina, my roommate, took all of my chocolate coins & ate them, so I do not have any to give you.  My apologies!  Perhaps Toothetina will remember to ask next time! I love you!!


The look of disappointment on Joy’s face was evident, but she finally admitted, “Maybe Toothetina should not have taken Sparkletina’s chocolate coins without asking, just like how I took your chocolate coins without asking.”

Hear that? That’s the sound of sweet justice!  I managed to warp the whole unfortunate situation into a teaching moment, while still keeping the tooth fairy charade in tact. High fives all around! Any other loose teeth out there??

Bring it on!!


Holly says, “It’s never to early to start writing letters to Santa the Tooth Fairy, even if you don’t have any loose teeth!”
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  1. Toni November 16, 2013 | Reply
    Well played, Mar - I mean, Sparkletina! By the way, you've effectively persuaded me to not even go there once my kids start losing teeth. I know, bad mom me!

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