Keep Calm and Walk On

The beginning of the school year is once again upon us, and I have, yet again, made the same New School Year Resolution that I make every year, which is this:

“I will walk to school everyday with my kids. For exercise.”

This usually lasts for about a week before I cave and start driving. Whatever. Resolutions are made to be broken.
My house is a short 10 minute walk to the school, but often times I forget that 10 minutes actually means 30 minutes in kid time. In addition, I forget how easy it is for my kids to get:








Grossed out






And Overstimulated
Sigh. Growing up, I don’t ever recall being this stressed out about getting to school on time.


Dropping off the kids is one thing, but picking them up after school? Well that takes some finessing. Waay back (and by “waay back,” I mean last spring) when I was lazy and used to drive the kids to and from school, I studied and picked apart that car line until I had it down to a science. I find that there are three kinds of parents. You have the “early birds” who are already sitting in the car line 2 hours ahead of dismissal. Then, you have the “laters” who come peeling through the car line just before the teachers bring the kids back in the building to call the parents. Finally, you have the “in-betweeners” who pretty much get in the car line when they are supposed to. Well, I’m a very unapologetic, unrepentant “later”. My only goal is to not be the absolute last parent to pick up her kids. And I have a very good reason why – because school lets out at 2:25 pm. PRIME NAP TIME FOR A TWO YEAR OLD.
This year, since I made the resolution to walk my kids to and from school everyday, I figured it would be a good idea to apply my skill of timing and quickly figure out when the last possible minute was before I had to yank poor baby out of her afternoon slumber to go pick up her sisters.


On the first day of school, I was late.


On the second day of school, I was late.



By Day Three, I was feeling the shame. Big time. I was determined to make it to the school not only on time, but early. So, I made sure to get my jogging stroller out of the garage 15 minutes early. But as luck would have it, something on my garage door snapped when I tried to open it, and well, THIS is what happened…
Yep, ranks right up there with the ill timed poopy diaper right as you are walking out the door.
Come to think of it, it was a good thing I had planned to walk because my minivan was now being held hostage by my garage door. Unfortunately, the jogging stroller was also in the garage, tucked behind the car and about 20 bikes, ride-ons, power wheels, scooters, and, of course, the garage door. After spending what seemed like eternity trying to coax the garage door open, I eventually had to give up and heave my jogging stroller over the minivan, through the house and out the front door. By now I was sweating and pretty sure that my kids were standing at the corner by the school crying like abandoned children. I strapped the two year old into the stroller and hoofed it over to the school. Incidentally, I don’t do well in the heat, and today, it must have been like, 1000 degrees. By the time I got to the school I was a bit frazzled.








I was early. And not only that, I had to wait another 15 min in the 1000 degree heat before they actually came out.
But at least I was there, and the girls did not have to wait for me.
Sometimes, I fail. Ok, maybe most of the time, I fail. But when I do get it right, my girls show me just how much I’m appreciated, and that makes it all very worthwhile.




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