2014 Elf on the Shelf Roundup!

Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means!  It is time to blow up your friends’ Facebook newsfeeds with pictures of your Christmas Elf!  Yes, I’m one of those moms. You know, the one who spends countless hours dreaming up complex Elf schemes, all for the sake of scaring my children into behaving for Santa. Well, guess what? This is a win for you because I have compiled all of my “greatest hits” from last year into this handy little blog post for you to copy, steal and pin! ! This includes a FREE printable of  the highly popular, Elf on the Shelf Creeper Head! Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Special Delivery

I try to start the Elf thing on December 1st, but you know how it is.  Once you come out of your Thanksgiving coma, panic sets in as you realize that Christmas is right around the corner.  Our elf, Caleb was late.  All the other kids at school were already talking about where they found their elves that morning.  In fact, even the classroom had it’s own elf.  Our excuse for Caleb’s tardiness was that he got caught up in a snowstorm on his way here and had to FedEx himself to our house.


I Ate All Your Candy

You know how Jimmy Kimmel has that viral video of parents telling their kids they ate their Halloween candy? Yea. Same idea. Except the Elf did it. The reaction from the kids is pretty much the same, only instead of taking it out on you, all the anger is directed toward the Elf. YEA! Side Note: How and why do we still have Halloween candy in December? The answer is, well, we’re Scrooges and only let them eat one piece at a time, and that is only if they eat their dinner, which almost never happens.  Therefore, there was ample left to play this cruel trick on the kids.


Calgon, Take Me Away!

Ahem, it sure must be nice to be able to take a relaxing bath. Alone. In peace and quiet. With no kids around. Hint hint. Side note: Cotton balls are an absolute staple when it comes to the Elf on the Shelf, so make sure you have plenty. And don’t be afraid to use your kids’ toys as props. They won’t mind.


3 Bath

Snowball Fight!

See? Cottonballs again. Yesterday, they were bubbles. Today, they’re snowballs!


Don’t Feed the Elves

They’re messy eaters. Side note: Notice the use of the kids’ toys again. Brilliant!



I thought Caleb would make a nice addition to the fish tank, seeing as how all the other fish were, well… dead. It didn’t take long for the kids to figure out that the elf was not actually in the tank (he’s behind it), but the illusion was pretty cool while it lasted.


I Moustache You. How Does It Look?

Scissors, black construction paper and tape and voila! You grew a moustache! By the way, elves can talk via speech bubbles. Did you know that?


Camouflage Elf

Did you ever notice the striking similarity between an Elf and a poinsettia?


Toy Jail

Don’t hesitate to take every opportunity to make the Elf a disciplinarian . After all, you do it all year long. You deserve a break! My kids fought over a video game. The next day, Caleb put the game controllers in jail. For LIFE. Just kidding, they were released the next day. Side note: Toy Jail =  shoe box hacked up to look like a jail cell.


The Selfie

Who doesn’t take selfies nowadays? Caleb took his, had it printed out at Costco, and left the photo on the table for the girls to frame.


Not bad, for an Elf, but, whoops! He forgot the duck lips!


The Selfie, Part II – I am an Elf, Not a Photographer

Lest my kids get any creative ideas about taking selfies using my expensive digital camera, I made sure they knew that there were consequences to this type of behavior.


I Found Your Teeth

Ok, so this one has a back story. In a bid to trick the tooth fairy, my daughter cut out fake paper teeth to put underneath her pillow. She was hoping the Tooth Fairy would not notice and reward her with cash and chocolate coins. Instead, the Elf found the teeth. It’s never a good idea to try to trick the Tooth Fairy.

 Fake Teeth – The Tooth Fairy will never know!



Minecraft Style!

I thought the kids would be impressed. NOPE. They were just mad that it was Fun Day Friday, and the Elf had the Xbox remote. Who knew this video game with the 80’s style bitmapped graphics would become such a hit? Kids and elves everywhere are into Minecraft.

Does your Elf need a matching Creeper head to go along with the overpriced cardboard one that your kid has?

Click Here to Create Your Own Elf on the Shelf Creeper Head!


Farewell and Good Riddance!

I don’t know about you, but by Christmas Eve, I am pretty much ready for this thing to go back to the North Pole.  Sure, I’ll muster up some fanfare for his return trip, in this case, on the back of Rudolph (a stuffed horse with a red bell hastily and ruthlessly glued to it’s face). Goodbye! Don’t let the fire roast you on your way up the chimney!

 Merry Christmas!


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