2015 Elf on the Shelf Roundup!

It’s that time of year again! For our family, it has gotten off to a very shaky start. My stress level has been high due to busy schedules and particularly whiny kids. I will confess, the elf almost didn’t make it this year. Apparently, some time ago, during one of my epic mommy melt-downs, I told my kids that I emailed Santa and told him not to bother coming around our house this year. “Just keep on flyin’ Santa, and take that elf with you!!” My daughter even told her classmates about this, and it has been the Scandal of the Year! Lucky for them, I was able to muster up a small glimmer of Christmas Spirit and drag that elf out of its box. Maybe they can convince the elf to convince Santa to convince me to have a change of heart.

The True Meaning of Christmas

First off, we have been experiencing issues with contentment and entitlement. We love Christmas and all the elf-ing and decorating and gift-giving and stuff. But lest we forget what it is really all about, our elf, Caleb has requested that they read scripture to him every night and teach him about the true meaning of Christmas. The daily scripture plan that I used can be found here. I printed and cut out the scripture references and placed them in our Advent calendar. Each night the kids take out the daily scripture, look it up in their Bible and read it to Caleb.

AdventReadingThere’s always that one naughty child who thinks “cooperating” means taking flying leaps off of the couch.

Result: Surprisingly, the kids have been very enthusiastic and diligent about this. As a mom, it has been an awesome watching them read their Bibles and take that love that they have for Jesus and try to place it firmly in Caleb’s little elf heart.


Sleeping “Elfies”

Alright, the kids have been doing so well with their daily scripture reading, that they have officially melted my cold, frozen heart. My elf inspiration has returned full force. Do you like to live dangerously? I do. That’s why I had Caleb take selfies (or “elfies” as one of my friends so cleverly called them) with the girls while they were asleep.


My kids will require therapy someday.

Result: The kids were astounded and amazed, but disappointed that they did not wake up. They are now training themselves like soldiers to stay awake all night, so they don’t potentially miss another major event… like Santa. Great!


The Beanboozled Challenge: Christmas Edition

It’s the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge: Christmas Edition! Will they taste like Berry Blue, or Silver & Gold? Cherry, or Santa’s Stockings? Peach, or Reindeer Poop? There’s only one way to find out! No, this doesn’t actually exist (at least, not that I know of). I made up the Christmas Edition Beanboozled Challenge and used nothing but your typical, deliciously addictive Jelly Bellies. I came up with some fake flavors and faux packaging. Wanna try it?

Click here to print out your own Beanboozled Christmas Challenge!


Just eat it! How bad can it be?

Result: This turned out to be quite an interesting psychological experiment. I mean, obviously, there is no such thing as Reindeer Poop flavored Jelly Bellies. Nevertheless, they were freaked out and wanted me to try one first. So of course I ate one and rolled on the floor and acted like I ate reindeer poop. After that, the 4 yr old refused to eat any. The 8 yr old tried one and was so convinced she ate Santa’s stocking that she ran to the bathroom and spit it out. On the way to school, she kept talking about how bad it tasted, and then proceeded to shock and horrify her classmates (again) by sharing the whole story. It was a cherry flavored jelly bean – her favorite.


Carpool Caleb

I’m pushing the boundaries of legitimate elf hiding places here, but so what? We spend so much time taxiing from place to place and sitting in car lines that technically, our mini-van is just an extension of our house.


OMG! He’s in the car!!!

Result: Nothing fixes the I-Don’t-Wanna-Go-To-School Blues quite like coming face to face with an elf in your car! Also, a potential Mommy melt-down was averted when the sight of Caleb instantly reversed the sour attitude of one particularly contrary child. It was a win for everybody!


Say Hello to my Little Friends

I debated about this one. My kids are certified bugophobes. This could have gone down one of two ways. They would either find this hysterically funny, or they would flee in terror. I tried to dampen the horror aspect of this by making it seem like Caleb’s new spider friends were “playing” with him. Because isn’t that what all spiders do? Play with their victims by spinning them into snowmen shaped cocoons? Wanna try it? I used a pack of spider web that was left over from Halloween and this handy little speech bubble which you can download by clicking on the link below.

Click here to print out the Snowman Elf Speech Bubble!


Result: They were surprisingly cool and collected about it. Big sister nonchalantly pointed out that it looked like Caleb was about to be eaten by spiders. However, she was kind enough to reassure her little sister that the spiders were fake. Well, it’s ALL fake, but glad to know you’re not that impressed. After all, it only took me FOREVER to stage this.


This is a running post. I will be adding more of my “greatest hits” to it in the days leading up to Christmas. Keep checking back for more ideas, or better yet, follow me on Facebook!

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