It all began with Facebook.  What began as silly commentary and observations on my misadventures in parenting in the form of status updates has become a full-blown blogarrhea of my crazy, wonderful journey as a mother of 3 beautiful girls. Warning: if you are not already a parent, this may scare you off of parenthood for good.  (Just kidding, mostly.)  But if you ARE a parent, I hope that through my blog, you will find the beauty in the ups and downs of parenthood.  Or at the very least, I hope that I can provide a few chuckles, especially on those rough, sleep-deprived, tantrum filled days when all you want to do is crawl back into bed and have a time-out.  The way I see it, years from now, you are going to look back and laugh at that time when <insert child’s name> took a black sharpie and drew his or her interpretation of the family dog on your brand new sofa.  So why not laugh about it now?  Ok, so maybe that laughter sounds more like the hysterical, maniacal, about to become unhinged variety, but you’re still laughing right? And, as they say, laughter is the best medicine.